3 Best Ways to Hire a Data Engineer

Your data is key to your business, and to ensure your application data is being processed and stored efficiently, you’ll need a talented data engineer. When hiring a data engineer, pay special to attention to these three focus areas.

1. Understand The Role of a Data Engineer

One major misconception about data engineers is that their roles are interchangeable with a data scientists, when in fact, they’re quite different. Data engineers are responsible for controlling the flow of data between servers and applications, and to build the platform that data scientists will use for exploring and interpreting your company’s data.

2. Know How to Vet for the Right Skill Set
Ultimately a data engineer is a builder. Look for candidates who can build applications using languages such as Python or Scala. If your company has big data, then you’ll want an engineer who has experience with data warehouse and processing tools, such as Hadoop & Apache Hive.

3. Create an Environment That Attracts the Best Talent.
Appeal to their drive to solve complex and interesting problems. If your databases are hoarding billions of records, make sure to boast about that fact. Create opportunities for career growth; as the next step along a data engineer’s career path is to become a BI or data architect.

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