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About Us

Looking to partner with Top Staffing Producers!  Join and get 80% of the gross margin on your deals.

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Empower is a team of independent recruiters leveraging one brand with proprietary technology that amplifies and accelerates their recruiting efforts by quickly expanding their candidate and client networks, giving them the ability to far outpace any prior growth targets faster than any other platform currently available, resulting in better recruitment quality.  Our Associates enjoy the advantages of a large agency, but with the feel of being their own boss, and they get to keep the lion share of the profits.  

Empower Associates have access to:

  • Free access to major job boards
  • “Always on” automated candidate & client lead generation systems
  • Unrivaled semantic searching
  • Full-service back office, insurances and administration services & support
  • Scheduled and anytime-available access to the management team for mentoring & coaching

Our tech is truly unique and cutting edge on multiple levels. It is much more than just a place to house data and track candidates, clients, job orders and placements. Much more than just a back-office service to process contractor payroll, time sheets, contracts and send out invoices. 

The Benefit: You will be more financially and professionally successful joining Empower than you would be in any other recruiting environment, whether at a small firm, a large agency, or a one-person team all on your own — and we can prove it!

Coaching without Being “Managed”

With decades of combined staffing industry experience, our founders, coaches and Associate team members are truly the greatest asset to any potential Associate thinking about joining Empower who values useful coaching in addition to financial success. We customize coaching during the on-boarding process to the individual Associate’s own goals and needs. So, the benefit to the new Associate, beyond financial growth, is professional growth within the very rewarding craft of recruiting. 

No one is managed at Empower. There are no quotas. No mandatory meetings. No one to report to, but yourself. We are all independent recruiters who know that fortune favors the bold.

About You

The ideal potential Recruiter Associate is obviously someone who already comes from the recruiting and staffing industry as a top producer with years of experience, but who also feels that they are leaving both their own potential and their money on their employer’s table. A top producer (whether it be on the perm or contract side; split or blended desk) who feels like they professionally have grown beyond what their corporate employer can provide, not wanting their growth to be restricted. Specifically, where the corporate employer takes a much higher percentage of the profit, given the value the top producer is delivering.  In short, the individual sees that they don’t actually “need” the employer anymore. If they had the right resources, they could both recruit, sell and account manage all on their own. 

However, they also face some powerful and understandable concerns:

  • Where do they start?
  • How do they set it all up?
  • How do they build it (job boards, an ATS, payroll, accounting, administration tasks — all the non-revenue generating activities)?
  • How can they leverage technology to do more with less?
  • How will they finance it all?
  • How much is at risk?
  • How will they grow professionally as only one person, no longer on a team?
  • How do they recruit, having only sold?  Or sell, having only recruited before?
  • How do they do all of this without becoming an employee again at another recruiting and staffing organization?
  • What about a non compete?

We get it. We once asked ourselves these same questions… and more. We can help the right people truly empower their careers and make the best moves of their lives, and at the same time, reduce the risk and ensure success.